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Casing Pipe, Perforated Casing Pipe, and Slot Casing Pipe Manufacturers

WRG (Weatherock Groups) provides one whole range of very high-quality casing series, drill pipe series, downhole motors series, sucker rods series. Moreover, it provides many more relates accessories for use in all kinds of oil and gas drilling. It also gives accessories for well completion activities. For the OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) productions, besides its Chinese facilities, they are having a strategy to set up their facilities in Southeast Asia, which surely meets the local market there and the other international markets’ needs. (Casing Pipe Manufacturers, Perforated Casing Pipe Manufacturers, Slot Casing Pipe Manufactures)

Regular API Casing:

  • Size: 1.050 inch – 20 inch.
  • Grade: K55 – P110.
  • Connection Thread: BTC, LTC, etc.

High Collapse Casing:

While selling, WRG (Weatherock Groups) ensures the best results. They designed it by selecting and controlling the most important factors. Moreover, they delivered it with the guaranteed minimum high collapse raring. When it comes to piping, the best quality which can give us the durability guarantee is all we should look for.

In the above table, we can see the different Steel Grade with the YS Range (KSI-MPa) and UTS min (KSI-MPa). Lastly, Elongation comes which we can find according to the API formula.

Perforated Casing Pipe:

Perforated Pipes are made up of the Perforated sheet. And they are used as filter tubes but sometimes also used for various instalment. This Pipe comes in various forms but usually in a round and square section. Perforated Pipe is getting very famous these days in industrial, architecture, automobile marking and other fields. However, the design of the pipe may vary according to the customer’s requirements. WRG (Weartherock Groups) supply these perforated casing pipes with the guarantee of durability and they convince us with the experience of more than 30 years.

Perforated Gun Tube:

If we talk about the International Market, WRG (Weatherock Groups) has already delivered nearly 15000 tons of perforated gun tubes to Canada, Cuba, America, Colombia, etc. Thanks to our superior quality and reliability. All this could happen just because of more than 30 years of experience. It also comes with a few standards and some specifications, few of them are mentioned below.

Specifications and Standards:

  • Standards: ASTM A519, API 5CT, EN 10210, EN 10216, DIN 1629.
  • Size Range: 50.8mm – 177.8m (Cold-drawn and hot rolled Tubes).
  • Steel Grade: TP 110P – TP 165P, TP-Q750 – TP-Q1000.

Slot Casing Pipes:

OCTG Slotted Liner is usually used to carbonate the reservoirs and sand the rock. Moreover, it is used for the horizontal wells. The yearly processing capacity of WRG (Weatherock Groups) can reach 150000 meters of all types of liner pipes: including multiple staggered slot patters, line slot patterns, staggered slot patters, etc. Lastly, the stainless steel and carbon steel and others can be made available.

Casing Slot Pipes in wells:

The tube-well casing houses the inlet, piston valves or cylinder and rising main of a down-the-hole type pump. If we talk about the casing that is needed for the support of the external surface of the borehole against collapse, either permanently or temporarily. Moreover, it is made of PVC pipe which is both inert and cheap.

Sanitary seal prevents the seepage down the tube-well bore. The aquifer is excluded above the ground from seepage by the length of the plain casing. And the water that is to be pumped is allowed through the slot in the lower length of the casing. And so on…


You can visit the site very easily for the in-depth details of the products. The link to the site is given below:


Cylinder Pipe Manufacturers

Pipes are used mainly for transportation of fluids and gases like water, oil, gas, propane, etc. If you want to buy the cylinder Pipe for your industrial sector or for any constructional project then the WEATHEROCK GROUP is the best. So always prefer the same company because of their name in best Cylinder Pipe Manufacturers in China. They are providing quality materials to their customers.

The WEATHEROCK GROUP is one of the best suppliers of tubes, pipes, engineer equipment, petroleum equipment, and related services for the world’s energy industry and other industrial applications from years of time. Certain pipe characteristics can be controlled during production. For example, the diameter of the pipe is often modified depending on how it will be used. The diameter can range from tiny pipes used to make hypodermic needles, to large pipes used to transport gas throughout a city.

The quality product supply management of the company is present through all the business units from purchasing to product development, steel making, rolling and drawing technology, order processing, production planning, manufacturing, product controls, testing and qualification, storage, shipping are coved by ISO and the related production codes. This quality production of materials can develop the company reputation. So their quality defines them that they are the best Cylinder Pipe Manufacturers.

They want to strive with their excellence in all aspects of their business through the integration of sustainable business developments and innovation, enhancing shareholder value and outstanding customer service.

The WEATHEROCK GROUP plays a very important role in the tube and pipe material supply business field. Their business is involved in manufacturing, service & solutions and investments, etc. They are the best service provider for Supplying pipes and tubes and other construction-related products. No doubt they are the best in the production line of various beams, pipes, and tubes.

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