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Seamless Tubes Manufacturer

Seamless Tubes don’t have a weld seam or a weld-joint. In a Seam or Welded Tubes, the seam or the weld-joint is the weaker part of the Tubes limiting the strength of the Tubes to the strength of the weld joint. Whereas the seamless Tubes do not have any such joint and thus have uniform structure & strength all over the Tubes body. The WEATHEROCK GROUP is one of the best Seamless Tubes Manufacturers.

Seamless Tubes are manufactured by extruding the metal to the desired length. The seamless Tubes can withstand higher pressure, higher temperature, higher mechanical stress & corrosive atmosphere and find wide applications in Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Power, Automotive, Bearing, Mechanical & Structural applications. The seamless Tubes do not have any joint in their cross-section throughout their length.

The Seamless Tubes Manufacturer like the WEATHEROCK GROUP produces quality seamless Tubes that offer superior corrosion resistance because it has little potential for impurities, defects, and differences in malleability that may be associated with the welded area in the welded Tubes. Most of the Tubes require heat treatment after manufacturing. But seamless Tubes harden as they are manufactured, so heat treatment after manufacturing is not required.

Fluid flow through Seamless Tubes is generally less turbulent than other Tubes. Will, not rust, this performance makes seamless steel tubes extend life, the most important is that it is very clean and no toxins.

Whatever piping you need, the WEATHEROCK GROUP has expertise in a wide range of applications. A team of experienced and professional staff is in the company who has worked on some of the largest piping projects for their customers like most of the world’s leading oil & gas companies as well as engineering companies engaged in constructing, oil & gas exploration, transportation, and processing facilities. They satisfy their customers with their quality products and service.

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Sucker Rods Manufacturers

Sucker rods are long metallic pipes and threaded at both ends. These are used in the process of the oil industry to join together the surface and downhole components of a reciprocating piston pump installed in an oil well. The WEATHEROCK GROUP provides sucker rods for petroleum and other industrial sectors. Fiberglass sucker rods are stronger, lighter, and more elastic than steel sucker rods, reducing stresses on the rod string while allowing for more fluid production and lower lifting costs. But the steel sucker rods are stronger and durable.

The WEATHEROCK GROUP is one of the best Sucker Rods Manufacturers. The various uses of sucker rods are  Casing & Coupling, Jet Mud Mixer, Air Blower Parts, Degasser, Safety Clamp, Oil & Gas Separator, Shale Shaker Screen, Mud Agitator, Pup Joint, Mud Tank, Kelly, generator set spares, Hydraulic Hose, slips, BOP, Hydraulic Filter, Casing Centralizer, Air Winch, Hammer Union, Boiler Centrifugal Fans etc.

Sucker rod beam pumping provides mechanical energy to lift oil from bottom hole to surface. It is efficient, simple, and easy for field people to operate, and it can pump a well down to very low pressure to maximize oil production rate. It is applicable to slim holes, multiple completions, and high-temperature and viscous oils. The system is also easy to change to other wells with minimum cost.

Sucker Rods Manufacturers refers to the WEATHEROCK GROUP due to their quality materials and service which are last for a long time and also more durable. They are providing Safety, Quality, and Performance Driven product to all their clients.

Through many years of developments, Today WEATHEROCK GROUP is one of the world’s conglomerate groups and plays a very important role in the energy business field. Their business is involved in manufacturing, service & solutions and investments etc. They believe in customer satisfaction.

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LSAW Pipe Manufacturer

LSAW pipes mean Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welded. With pleasure the WEATHEROCK GROUP introducing themselves as one of the leading LSAW Pipe Manufacturer, importers, stockiest, suppliers for Industrial grade steel Materials, various grades of Plates, Sheets & Pipes. They have been supplying these materials for the past 10 years to various industries like Petrochemicals, Refineries, Chemical Process Industries, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, and etc. sector to their full satisfaction.

The company is always in the mindset of better production. Longitudinally welded steel pipes are used in onshore and offshore oil and gas pipelines requiring critical service, high performance, and tight tolerances. LSAW pipes are also used in the conveyance of flammable & nonflammable liquids, and as structural members in construction projects. LSAW pipe is used to high-pressure petroleum or natural gas and can be also used widely in structural supports or foundation. The advantage for LSAW type is they could produce a thicker wall thickness of pipes.

LSAW steel pipe welding is of two types, one is a double-sided submerged arc welding and the other is high-frequency welding. However, the diameter of the steel pipe that can be made between these two types is very different.

No doubt the WEATHEROCK GROUP is the one and only quality LSAW Pipe Manufacturer. With their years of experience and professional staffs, they are the best in every steel and pipeline manufacturing and supplying process. Their business is involved in manufacturing, service & solutions and investments, etc. They are the best service provider for Supplying pipes and tubes and other construction-related products.

With their excellence they want to strive in all aspects of their business through the integration of sustainable business developments and innovation, enhancing shareholder value and outstanding customer service. Just go through the WEATHEROCK GROUP to get your desire quality product. Every customer is important to them.

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Api 6A Valve Manufacturers

API 6A standard was initially developed to cover all Christmas tree and wellhead equipment but today they are used for a large part of the upstream oil and gas industry. Valves covered by this specification are in general components for use in upstream oil and gas exploration, production and incorporate all the activities associated with the installation of this equipment. The WEATHEROCK GROUP is also involved in Api 6A Valve Manufacturers.

They can serve the purpose of providing a control mechanism while taking returns during drilling operations or they can also be used during other operations, including gas lift and well kills. Equipment ranges from 2000 to 15000 psi working pressure and in general, the design can include single or multiple completions, high and low temperatures and all types of service conditions.

6A valves general features include in-line reparability, protected long-life seats and sealing without lubrication. The native 6A design includes gate, ball, swing check, and piston check. Users in general request gate valves with full bore and thru-conduit design, non-rising stem, slab gate, floating seat ring body bushing design to provide safe dependable service. Ball valves are in general grunion mounted type only. Industry requirements for API 6A product are the most severe: reliability, high efficiency, only trusted components can normally be considered. Api 6A Valve Manufacturers can fulfill the industrial requirements.

The WEATHEROCK GROUP has a team of experienced and professional staffs is in the company who has worked on some of the largest piping projects for their customers like most of the world’s leading oil & gas companies as well as engineering companies engaged in constructing, oil & gas exploration, transportation, and processing facilities. They satisfy their customers with their quality product and service. They are feeling proud to supply top quality products to answer market needs. Just go through the same company and get the best product and service.

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Double Submerged arc Welded (DSAW) Pipe Manufacturer Longitudinal Welded Pipe Ma

 In the world energy industry is the leading industry till from 10 years. Above the all of costumers are belong from the world top leading oil & gas company .We have the expertise group of engineer to design  & constructing oil & gas exploration transportations procedure  to facilitations  of all costumer.

Since in 2007 we are the working unit for integrating related product co-jointure & acquisitions to by the way facility & steel mils.The playing most important role in the oil & gas explorations industry last many years. We are the integrate steelmaking, pipe rolling & formally pressing to process across the country. To avoided chains mainland productive we are the playing most important role to create one global networking for originally anti – dumping.

To convey product one place to another place industry mainly use steel long & hollow pipes. As per produced mainly by two distinct manufacturing methods which result in either we get a welded pipe or seamless pipe. Double Submerged Arc Weld in the manufacturing method raw steel is first cast into a more workable starting form (hot billet or flat strip).From 1970 we started as small plant chain with the production in some item welded pipe. Now we are developing & manufacturing more complete product in so many option  as example Double Submerged Arc Weld, Longitudinal Welded Pipe, HFW steel pipe, Seamless Tubes Manufacturers ,pipeline valve & fittings, drilling completions,  casing & tubing ,drilling pipe ,down trolled motor  .

Then it can be made into a pipe by stretching the hot steel billet out into a seamless pipe or forcing the edges of flat steel strip together and sealing them with a weld. In this article we will discuss the various methods involved in welded pipe manufacturing. is ruling manufacturer company of Double Submerged arc Welded (DSAW) Pipe.A variant of the submerged arc welding process by the double submerged arc welding  which is the work piece being welded through a consumable electrode that call  double submerged weld. Other industries that use the double submerged arc welding include any that involve the joining of thick plates such as heavy equipment, mining, or infrastructure projects such as bridges.. One pass of submerged arc welding takes place on one side of the material, and another pass takes place on the opposite side of the first pass Double submerged arc welding is commonly used in the oil and gas industry to make large diameter pipelines.

In Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welding (LSAW) Prepare, longitudinal edges of steel plates are first beveled through using carbide milling equipment. Bevelled plates are then formed into a U shape using a U-press and subsequently into an O shape using an O-press. Longitudinal edges of the plates are then tack welded followed by internal and external welds. Pipes manufactured by this process are subjected to expanding operation in order to relieve internal stresses and obtain a perfect dimensional tolerance. After the pipes are conveyed to cold expansion, hydrostatic testing and NDT inspection, the pipes will be subject to final inspection.

The LSAW pipe diameter range is larger than ERW, normally from 16 inch (406mm) to 60 inch (1500mm). Good performances on high pressure resistance, and low-temperature corrosion resistance.

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