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What is Induction Bend Pipe Manufacturers

Induction Bend Pipe is a process when the heat is used on a particular area of a metal section- pipe or tube, to allow it to bend easily. The heat is applied using an induction coil heated to a preset temperature to give the metal a bend of a preset radius. The process is also often referred to as hot pipe bend.

The temperature of the coil ranges from 800-2,200 degrees depending on the type of metal, its grade, temper, and thickness of the section. The process involves applying pressure on the metal while the coil is hot thereby allowing for easy bending. Once the desired radius of the bend is achieved, the section is cooled with water or air spray.

The benefits of Induction Bend Pipe:

There are several advantages of bending metal pipes using this technique:

Since the process involves heating a particular area of the pipe, it ensures that the distortion on the section is minimal once the bending process is completed.

The amount of energy required to carry out the process is minimum, the process results in systems that have higher energy efficiency.

Induction Bend Pipe does not require internal mandrels and sand filling, thereby saving on cost.

The process does not take very long compared to the other metal bending techniques, thereby adding to its cost-efficiency.

The need for welded or mechanical joints is eliminated by this method which means that there is no need for the surfaces for a neat finish.

The applications of Induction Bend Pipe:

The process of bending can be used for nearly any metal and even alloys such as steel and all kinds of pipe sections. In typical cases, this metal bending technique is used on massive pipes like petroleum pipelines. However, its use also extends to smaller pipe sections such as farming tools and springs.

Induction Bend Pipe is often confused with hot rolling. The latter is quite different and it involves changing the thickness and shape of the metal after heating it to a required temperature called the critical temperature. The technique is generally used for metal sheets where the entire sheet is heated and then rolled to the desired radius. Its applications are limited because of it of its relatively lower cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. The sections thus produced are generally used as feed for rolling mills or directly for fabrication.

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