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Casing Pipe Manufacturers Supplier

One stop solution of pipes Weatherock Group

The Casing Pipes are commonly used in underground construction to protect utility lines of various types from getting damaged. It is widely used to provide protection to underground utility lines like fiber optic cables, water mains, gas pipes, electrical power cables, etc. The utility lines are spaced inside the pipe with the help of ‘casing spacers’ which come in carbon steel, stainless steel or plastic. The ends of the pipe are closed with ‘wrap around’ or ‘pull-on’ caps known as ‘casing end seals’ which are made of rubber.

The WEATHEROCK GROUP has been one of the leading Casing Pipe Manufacturers Supplier and related services for the world’s energy industry and other industrial applications for more than 10 years. Their customers include most of the world’s leading oil & gas companies as well as engineering companies engaged in constructing, oil & gas exploration, transportation, and processing facilities.

Casing pipes are a much-needed item while boring a well. There is a need to drill through rock formations in order to reach the good reservoir and while doing so sides of the well can cave in. pipes come into the picture to give support to the well’s sides and prevent them from caving in. The pipes also offer protection to the good stream from external pollutants. The small gap between the sides of the well and the pipe is packed with cement so that the casing becomes a permanent fixture. Casing pipes are normally 40 feet long and are fabricated in joints and these are screwed further if longer lengths are required.

If you have a contract for big construction work and you need Tubing Pipe, then you can contact the same company. It is one of the best Tubing Pipe Manufacturers Supplier Company and also for other equipment. Pipes are used mainly for transportation of fluids and gases like water, oil, gas, propane, etc. At the opposite, the main use for tubes is for structural purposes such as scaffolding. So always prefer them because of their name in this field. They are always good in the production of Steel pipes and tubes and engineering needs.

As a provider of various types of oil field and industrial pipes, they are also providing drilling pipes. A drill pipe is the backbone of any directional drilling project. This hardy, handy tool may not get all the attention it really deserves, but one cannot deny that it plays a vital role in the success of a project or its failure! This may be the unsung hero at the drilling rig but it is expensive equipment and it does cost money.

As a leading Drilling Pipe Manufacturer Supplier, they always want to satisfy their customer with their quality service and product. Based on the years of experience and knowledge, they are engaged in offering a wide range of Drill Pipes. These products are extremely robust in nature and ensure smooth functioning. All these products are well known for their wear and tear resistance and reliable performance. These products are well equipped and offer a hassle-free service life. They manufacture their Drill Pipe with high-grade raw materials. Go through the same company to get the best products.

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