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How To Find Best ERW Pipe Manufacturing Company

The Electrical Resistance Welding pipes are used for blowing various liquids and gas to one point to another. ERW pipes are made of HR Coils. After being longitudinally slatted & edge milled, the strip is progressively formed into a circular shape by passing it through a series of forming rolls. ERW steel pipes and tubes are also used in various engineering purposes, fencing, scaffolding, line pipes, etc. These are available in various qualities, wall thicknesses, finished and diameter. If you are searching for the ERW Pipe Manufacturing Company then the WEATHEROCK GROUP is the best provider of the same.

WEATHEROCK GROUP manufactures high-quality ERW pipes. The raw material of ERW Pipes i.e. Steel Coils has been procured from trusted steel manufacturer. The company provides its customers with exceptional product quality, services and flexibility of production rate to meet their schedule. They not only manufacture high-quality products but also a trustworthy relationship with the customers.

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They are used for conveying water, gas, crude oil and chemicals at various pressures and densities over long distances. Considering the challenging and varied applications, the pipes are produced to meet very high standards of both national and international specifications. The ERW Pipe Manufacturing Company like WEATHEROCK GROUP is best in their service with their professional workers and staffs.

The pipes are conveyed to the finishing bay for finishing, testing, and inspection. Hydro testing of pipes is undertaken to detect leaks and fissures prior to galvanizing and threading. Some of these pipes are subsequently galvanized and threaded as per specifications/client requirement. The WEATHEROCK GROUP meets the codes and customer’s quality requirements are their priority; they strive to surpass the inspections from their customers. Actually, they are always ready to satisfy their customers with their quality products and service. They believe in customer satisfaction.