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Premium Connection Casing Pipe and Premium Thread Casing Coupling Manufacturers

WRG (Weatherock Groups) provides premium connections and optimal performance in order to serve in the tough application surroundings. Moreover, this service is being widely used by its customers in South-East, Africa and South America. This Premium Connection is very beneficial for the end-user as it can greatly improve the usage, save cost and increase the life span. Lastly, it is having 5 further categories: TP-CQ | 2-3/8″~13-5/8″, TP-G2 | 2-3/8″~20″, TP-QR | 13-3/8″~20″, PT-Flush | 2-3/8″~11-3/4″, PT-H6 | 2-3/8″~4-1/2″. Premium Connection Casing Pipe Manufacturers and Premium Thread Casing Coupling Manufacturers come under WRG.

TP-CQ | 2-3/8″~13-5/8″ :

Few points about TP-CQ:

Structure Features:

  1. High-performance gas-tight premium connection for casting and tubing, ISO 13679 CALIV approved.
  2. Excellent gas seal-ability under combined load.
  3. Easy stabbing, No cross-threading.
  4. Superior Anti-galling performance.
  5. Easy repairing.
  6. Suitable for low alloy and carbon steel pipe.

Modified Buttress Thread:

  1. Taper=1:16.
  2. TBG: 2-3/8″~2-7/8″: 8T.P.I. 3-1/2″~4-1/2″: 6T.P.I.
  3. CSG: Sin~13-5/8:5T.P.I.
  4. Meta-Metal Seal.
  5. Seal Taper: TBG: 1:1.732 CSG: 1.10,1.6,1.3
  6. Reverse angle torque shoulder

Threaded Connection:

The thread crests minimize thread galling with the clearance at the top and avoid the tapping of the compound inside the threads. It improves and gives buttress thread with a taper of 1:16.

TP-G2 | 2-3/8″~20″:

Few points about TP-G2:

Structure Features:

  1. Gas-Tight premium connection for the deep, high deviated and horizontal well, IOS 13679 CALIV approved.
  2. Excellent resistance to bending, compression, and torque.
  3. Superior anti-galling performance.
  4. Reliable gas-tight sealing under any kind of combined loads
  5. Especially suitable for highly deviated and long horizontal wells.
  6. Suitable for high alloy and carbon steel pipes.

Hooked Thread:

  1. TBG: 2-3/8″~2-7/8″:8T.P.I.
  2. 3-1/2″~4-1/2″:6T.P.I.
  3. CSG: 5″~8-5/8″: 5T.P.I.
  4. 9-5/8″~20″: 4T.P.I.

Threaded Connection:

The 4* reverse angle on the load flank which provides the connection with superior tensile strength and increases its resistance to compression with a modified hook thread profile.

TP-QR | 13-3/8″~20″:

Few points about TP-QR:

Structure Features:

  1. 3T.P.I. coarse-thread enable fast make-up without cross-thread.
  2. Torque shoulder provides accurate power-tight make-up.
  3. Internal flush.

Threaded Connection:

High connection strength, fast and easy running without cross-threading through the coarse thread form with a taper of 1:12 and a lead of 3.T.P.I.

PT-Flush | 2-3/8″~11-3/4″:

The structure features of PT-Flush:

Structure Features:

  1. No Coupling and thread directly machined in the pipe, The internal/external wall of the connection flush with pipe body.
  2. Hook Thread. The thread is hook type, loading surface angle-3*, leading surface 25*, the thread pitch is 6TPL, and the thread taper depends on the different all thicknesses (Taper 1:1.6 or 1:10).
  3. Multiple seal system.
  4. Main seals adopt taper to taper seal structure, along with external and internal shoulder seal as the auxiliary.
  5. External torque shoulder is designed with -15* reverse angle, the internal shoulder is a rectangle shoulder, both shoulders withstand the torque at the same time.

PT-H6 | 2-3/8″~4-1/2″:

The structure features of PT-H6:

Structure Feature:

  1. The external and internal thread is machined directly in the pipe without couplings.
  2. Joint is used internal and external upset.
  3. PT-H6 used a cylindrical thread form, the load flame angle is 75*, and the stab flank angle is 20*. Thread pitch is 6T.P.I.
  4. There is no radial interference between the inner and outer thread.
  5. Taper metal to metal internal pressure seal is rated at 100% of the pipe body and the 100% external pressure seal is created at the torque shoulder.


Link to this site is given below for the in-depth information about the product or the Company: https://weatherockgroup.com/

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